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Data collected from a single source or system

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Using Reduct

How will I benefit from Reduct?

Reduct offers a unique way of visualising utility consumption, issues and wastage in real-time. The system uses Machine Learning to identify issues as they happen which reduces your consumption, cost and carbon emissions.

How quickly will I see savings?

We’d typically expect to see savings generated within your first week of use and in most cases you’ll see a full return on your investment within the first 12 months.

I’m an existing Carbon Desktop user, is Reduct suitable for me?

Reduct is focussed on the optimisation of systems using high frequency real-time data. This data is typically not easily digestible with the human eye and therefore requires a machine to learn these trends and identify opportunities. Carbon Desktop continues to operate as a leading M&T and reporting platform at a site, business unit and corporate level.

Data collection and integration

What do I need to have to make this work?

Reduct relies on real-time data feeds to generate high-value insights which reduces your consumption. We typically integrate with existing systems and data feeds or provide you with a cost-effective data collection system to capture raw data which Reduct converts into insights.

What type of data can be collected?

Reduct utilises a sophisticated data engine to accept almost any data type, covering a wide range of formats, transfer methods and parameter types. The most suitable applications are existing systems with a large number of real-time data points that are not currently being utilised.
Our experience extends to the metering instrumentation and data collection hardware too, so get in touch if you want any guidance on this.

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